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Breed "Norwegian forest cat" has officially been registered in 1977. It is possible to see many representatives of this breed at exhibitions of the Europe while in Russia breed only starts to form the history. With each exhibition it is possible to notice, how interest to the Norwegian forest cats increases. The quantity of representatives of breed are increasing with each shoes. There was first breed ring of the Norwegian forest cats in Russia in 2009 (which was made by forces of club Zoomir and owners of NFO cats from Moscow and Penza).
I shall not copy numerous general materials about breed. If you wish to expand the knowledge of breed and its history I recommend you to address to the materials placed on a CATS-portal in section of Breed of cats (the reference to a site to the index page). Also under this reference you can pass to page with the description of standards of breed according to international system World Cat Federation: Standards of breed (WCF system)

From myself I can tell, that this is very kind, tender and sociable friends who will warm you in the cold winter evenings, will not allow to start missing, gently purring about the affairs or amusing games, and will simply brighten up each your day. Getting the Norwegian forest kitten, you get first of all the clever friend, true and selflessly loving you

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